Drums of Change


The Drums of Change is a quarterly publication that provides a platform for community voices to be heard and invites comments from individuals, network partners and leading thinkers on recent policy discussions and decisions, in an effort to reduce the gap between policy makers and those they affect. Drums seeks to bring thematic areas of focus emerging from our networks to the fore, and seeks to keep readers, even in the most remote areas, abreast with news concerning peace and development in different parts of the world. This involves sharing information, lessons, challenges and identifying strategies for collaborative initiatives.

Drums of Change is circulated both within South Africa, where it is produced, as well as in the rest of the continent and internationally. 

Beyond the Nation State: Integration and a Unified Africa

Religion and Conflict

Transcending Boundaries: Migrants, Refugees and the Movement of People

The Transformative Potential of the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Transformational Leadership: Gendered Perspectives

The Changing Face of War

The Democratisation of African Governance System