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Conflict Transformation Encounter

Date: 16-19 October 2014 Location: BOSCO Centre, Walkerville, South Africa Registration deadline: 31 August 2014

The ACTION Support Centre will be holding a 3-day event from 16-19 October, bringing together individuals and organisations from all over the world, who are involved in initiatives relating to peacebuilding, conflict transformation, development, human rights and other fields that seek to address the challenges we face in Africa and across the world. The event is open to activists, academics, students, writers, NGO representatives, government representatives, representatives of African and International governance institutions and all who are active or interested in these fields.

Guests will be welcomed on Friday 16th October with an evening meal and an introductory presentation, which will be followed on Saturday 17th October by an interactive series of workshop discussions, focusing on selected topics of key importance. These discussions will have the following objectives:

  • To reflect upon some of the most pressing challenges that our world is facing, and to tackle some of the questions that will shape the course of history
  • To influence local, regional and global discussions that will have a profound impact on the peace and security landscape of the global South.
  • To incorporate the diverse perspectives of contributors from different contexts and backgrounds
  • To introduce and explore conflict transformation as a strategy to address conflicts
  • To collaboratively inspire and equip each other with ideas and concrete strategies to effect change in our own contexts
  • To provide a platform where individuals and organisations can connect with each other and find ways to work together to maximise impact through collective efforts

The day will be rounded off with a cultural event in the evening, in which a range of different cuisines will be served, and entertainment will be provided by local artists, including singing, dancing, and poetry performances.

On the final day of the 19th, ACTION Support Centre will hold its General Members Meeting and elect its steering committee members.

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