We Slept With Our Boots On

Creative Corner

We Slept With Our Boots On

Steve Carlsen

They unloaded the dead and maimed right before our eyes They washed out the blood, we loaded our ruck’s and then took to the skies Over the mountains, villages, and valleys we flew Where we would land we had not a clue

Bullets are flying, the LZ is hot We’re leaving this bird whether we like it or not 30 seconds they yelled, Lock N Load and grab your shit Get ready to go and make it quick

My heart is pumping adrenalin through all of my veins I run as fast as I can through the lead rain The noise is tremendous, terror I can’t define The only reason I survived that day was divine

I kept pulling the trigger and reloading and pulling some more You do what you have to do, with that I will say no more We fought from the valleys to the mountain peaks From house to cave, to car to creek

Dirty and tired and hungry and scared We slept with our boots on so we were always prepared Those majestic mountains so steep, so high they kiss the skies The Hindu Kush has changed so many lives

Up the mountains with heavy loads we trod Who knew hell was so close to God Beauty and terror are a strong mixed drink So we drank it like drunkards and tried not to think

Good men and bad men, Mothers lost son’s Everyone loses their innocence when they carry guns Washed in the blood, and baptized by fire I will never forget those who were called higher

They say blood is thicker than water, well lead is thicker than blood Brothers aren’t born they’re earned. In the poppy fields, the tears, and the mud And when I get to heaven to Saint Peter I will tell Another Paratrooper reporting for duty sir, I spent my time in hell