Get Involved with Drums of Change


Get Involved with Drums of Change

We welcome anyone interested in getting involved with the Drums of Change publication to contact us with information on how you would like to contribute. There are several ways in which you can get involved with Drums of Change:

  • Become an articlecontributor/writer
  • Submit poems, short stories, photographs, artworks or other creative contributions
  • Become a Drums of Change Distributor
  • Become a Drums of Change Partner

To be an article or creative expressions contributor, all you have to do is contact us with information about what your area of interest is; what you would like to write about, or whether you are an artist/poet/photographer etc., and we will add you to our contributor database, and contact you whenever we are producing issues relevant to your area of interest.

You can also become a Drums of Change registered distributor. When we have printed editions of Drums, we will send you free copies to distribute to your network of contacts and at events. You do not have to be in South Africa to qualify for this role, as we will be seeking to distribute the copies as widely as possible acrossthe world.

Finally, you can become a Drums of Change partner. In this capacity we will play a collaborative role in sourcing quality articles and content. This may be of interest to universities, research institutions, media houses and writing associations of any kind. The benefits will include article sharing, a free platform for activists, authors and artists to have a voice, and a world-wide distribution plan to ensure their voices are heard far and wide.

For more information on any of these options, please contact or