Proudly African Campaign


Africa’s Vision of the 21st Century

Pan-African Solidarity and Renaissance in Action

About the Campaign

The Proudly African Campaign is a CALL TO ACTION to all African people across Africa and around the world to begin to think and act creatively and collectively and finds solutions to Africa’s numerous challenges. The Campaign seeks to give all Africans, including those in the Diaspora an opportunity to engage in robust and honest debates around Africa’s opportunities and challenges. This also includes debates around Africa’s position in the global socio-economic and political economy and the future Africans seeks for themselves including ideas around Pan-. The Campaign has Patrons in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, local structures in many parts of Africa and around the world and is supported by a broad range of progressive civil society and individual activists. Guided by the principles of Ubuntu (our common humanity), the Campaign also seeks to build and strengthen communities of diversity and peace in Africa, through building and strengthening a culture of Pan-African people-to-people solidarity. Strategies revolve around: Conflict Transformation approach, building and strengthening a comprehensive support base through coalitions and alliance building, building capacity and cadreship, linking solidarity initiatives together, promoting cultural diversity, and strengthening strong linkages between the grassroots and poor working class in Africa. Goals and objectives The overarching goal of the Proudly African Campaign is the realisation on the Pan-African Solidarity and Renaissance. The key objectives of the Campaign are:
  1. Develop a collective vision for Africa that reflects African values and capacities to build peace, embrace diversity and strong Pan-Africa solidarity and Renaissance.
  2. Through promoting an in-depth reflection and celebration of Africa’s heritage and strengthen the spirit of UBUNTUin Africa.
  3. Including supporting platforms that facilitate discussions, analysis of Africa’s economic and political challenges and opportunities.
Activities: Activities of the Proudly African Campaign include celebration of Africa Day every year,media statements, media briefings, know and love you neighbour campaigns, community dialogues on key issues, learning exchange meetings, African International Solidarity Festivals, African International Solidarity Caravan, and discussion seminar. For more information contact: