Somali Solidarity Campaign

The ACTION Support Centre launched the Somali Solidarity Campaign in October in 2011 as part of a long-term commitment to promote and achieve sustainable peace in the Somali Region. The Campaign was launched in response to ongoing violence and conflict in the Somali Region, and the ASC’s commitment to promote peace and development. It is through this campaign that support can be mobilised for and solidarity given to the Somali people. The three key objectives of the campaign are:
  1. To raise awareness around the challenges facing Somalis in the diaspora and across the Somali region, in line with a long-term approach to transforming conflict.
  2. To create open spaces for dialogue and debate; enabling effective reflection, the sharing of ideas and the development of opportunities for collective action that establishes a culture of people to people solidarity.
  3. To contribute towards peaceful transformation in the region through building a network of social capital, supporting opportunities for learning exchange and strengthening peace initiatives.
The four main areas of activity that will be undertaken in this campaign include: 1 Engaging Somalis from within diaspora and across the Somali region, in multi-stakeholder dialogue sessions, which look toward developing and expanding the campaign. 2 Producing and disseminating information on the challenges faced by the Somalis in South Africa and in the Somali region. 3 Innovative and creative fundraising events in support of the Wajir Peace University. 4 Promoting the campaign in a range of ASC initiatives including: the Drums of Change publication and the Proudly African Campaign. The Campaign centres on the building of solidarity for the Somali People, across the various strata of society, from policy makers to grassroots organisations. The effective mobilisation and organisation of support to address the challenges collectively as well as the development of strong and durable networks will be a priority. It is envisaged that this Campaign, through its various initiates, will help to create a culture of peace across the region.