The Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum

The Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum (ZSF) is a network of progressive South African civil society organisations that include youth, women, labour, faith-based, human rights and student formations in South Africa and across the region. The forum was established in the late 1990s and was consolidated in 2004. Over the past years the network has grown rapidly in size and influence, and the forum has effectively contributed towards greater understanding of the crisis and challenges in Zimbabwe within organisations and within the broader South African and regional communities. ACTION Support Centre (ASC) is hosting the Zimbabwe Solidarity forum for all sectors of South African civil society. The forum brings together representatives of labour, the churches, youth and students, as well as several active and concerned individuals and civil society organisations. The ZSF is recognised as a central coordinating hub of South African civil society activities on Zimbabwe. It also has a Facebook page and Google mailing list that has more 350 active members who share information and receive updates on the Zimbabwe crisis. [accordions] [accordion title=”The objectives of the forum are:”]
  • To share perceptions and insights into the dynamic context of the Zimbabwe crisis.
  • To share information and initiatives aimed at influencing the situation in Zimbabwe and seeking areas of synergy and complementarities.
  • To expose civil society to the latest information from key opinion leaders around the crisis in Zimbabwe.
  • To serve as a platform for building and sustaining a culture of regional and national people to people solidarity with the struggle for democracy, peace, freedom and justice by the people of Zimbabwe.
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Strategies:”]
  • Facilitating interaction and collaboration, and where possible promote joint action between South African and Zimbabwean civil Society organizations.
  • Consolidating the efforts and to amplify the voices of South African civil society organizations in the promotion of peace, democracy and human rights for Zimbabweans.
  • Creating regular platforms whereby members of the Forum exchange and disseminate information on their individual activities relating to the core activities of the Forum.
  • Engaging principally in collective advocacy at national, regional and continental levels with the aim of influencing the policies and actions of the South African Government, SADC and the AU with regard to Zimbabwe.
  • Reducing the overlap of activities and maximize the utilization of resources through the exchange of information and coordination of activities relating to the core activities of the forum.
  • Developing and carrying out short-term and long-term solidarity initiatives towards Zimbabwe
[/accordion] [/accordions]